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Missy’s Bath Time


This is my imagining of a future with my partner and my pet... I have never been more ready for the weekend as I stumble through the door absolutely exhausted. Work this week was incredibly strenuous and I cannot wait to relax. I hear the jingle of your tags against your collar as you bound across the house to greet me. “Welcome home, Missy,” you smile up at me. I can see the excitement in your eyes and the furious wagging of your tail and know that you would like nothing more than to jump up and shower me with affection; but like the good boy you are, you sit nicely and wait for me to ack… Read more

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The Lasso of Lust

Lesbian Sex

OK, this story of mine is just total fan-fiction, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! :P Just to clarify for all you wonderful comic book nerds out there (the best, and dare I say, sexiest kind of nerds :P), the version of Bat Girl featured here is the pre-Killing Joke/pre-Oracle version (ie the fully able-bodied, teen daughter of Commissioner Gordon version), with an age of around 17-18. Wonder Woman is in her late 20s, and is the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta. Enjoy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------… Read more

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My math tutor makes me begs for cock.

Gay Male

"You are so gay for my cock, aren't you!?!" Kevin said to me as I put my hand on his leg. Kevin was my math tutor and had introduced me to gay sex, my first sex really. ( I wrote about it in the story, "My math tutors cock") He was older than me and had my parents OK to come and go from our house as needed, as he was my tutor. "I'll suck you off, but I don't think you should suck my cock again. You're so young." My cock began to swell at his words. I loved having him make me cum, but found my true love was making him cum! " Please, let me suck you" I said, not getting any reaction from him.… Read more

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Strange night out!

First TimeAnalSex Humor

Sue was going on at me to go to a works fancy dress party for ages and i was like why! she said you never come out with my friends or work colleagues so for once make an effort. i agreed to go i had a week to decide what i was going as. in the bedroom i always wanted to get Sue to dress as a nun so i said why don't we go as nuns, Sue said you will do anything for me to dress as a nun, i told her its both as nuns or i stay at home, so she agreed to go as a sexy nun and i would go as the sister with the long gown and big vail. when Sue came home after buying the outfits i asked Sue to try th… Read more

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Mommy no tits

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

Fbailey story number 638 Mommy No Tits I thought that my mother was the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen. She was a very good cook, she cleaned the entire house from top to bottom twice a year, and she gave my father sex whenever he asked. He asked often too because I had figured out their system. Anytime he kissed her his hand would rub her chest. That was his way of saying, I love you. If he wanted sex his hand would go up under her skirt to her pussy, and if he wanted a blowjob he would place her hand on the crotch of his pants. I knew what was going on because I would… Read more

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Room Service (Interracial, Milf)

MatureInterracial Sex

Room Service The receptionist looked up and smiled as Anne’s heels clacked across the terracotta flooring of the quiet hotel lobby. “Good evening, Miss Oakley, hope you are well.” “Yes, thank you Georgina, I’m fine,” said the blonde, stooping to place her briefcase on the floor and then hitching the long strap of her overnight travel bag firmly into place on her left shoulder. Georgina, still smiling, swiped a room key card and offered it to the guest. “Room 504 as usual,” she said. “Everything is ready. You will want room service, I take it?” “Hmm, yes please. My usual chicken sandw… Read more

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Theater Bang

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

If you have read any of my past stories, which are true, you would know that Russ was my best friend when I was entering the age of coming out as a bisexual crossdresser. He was the first guy to pop my ass-cherry and encourage me to dress up in some of his mom's things. He saw right through me and knew that I loved to crossdress. To this day, I yearn for someone with the same intuition to enable me to dress for them on a regular basis. The last times we spent together made me realize how my bisexuality was a catalyst in our friendship and relationship. As I went to live with my aunt,… Read more

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I was talked into becoming a Rubber Man

FetishAnalGay Male

I have to be honest, I have always loved wearing rubber of all kinds, never had the chance to wear a full suit, but as a gay guy I love wearing rubber shorts with a built in anal plug and cock and ball sheath on the front, just wish I had a bigger cock and balls to fill the sheath out properly, looks a bit limp. Have a nice rubber vest and shorts which I wear for the club, and the shorts have a rear anal hole which provides for great fucks for me!!. I was in the club a few nights ago and met a rather nice guy who admired my rubber vest and shorts and told me he was into rubber himself and wou… Read more

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Bookstore Marathon

FetishGay MaleGroup Sex

Like a bitch in heat, I become very horny at certain times of the month, and sometimes, for a whole month. I would walk the streets wearing garter belts and stockings under my normal clothing, with a butt plug shoved up into my nether regions, stretching me, preparing me. Once I made eye contact with my prey, they the results could surely be guaranteed. I was bound to end up with a cock in my ass, my mouth or both simultaneously. I preferred the latter. I entered the back door of the bookstore and headed straight for the booths. I was so fucking hot that I wore my heels in instead of… Read more

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My Daughters Supervisor


The girl I had wanted to screw in my English Lit class, two years ago, was now my own daughters work supervisor. I entered the take away hoping...for what? A middle aged guy pursuing a fantasy young woman...seriously what chance? My daughter Joanna was chuffed about her first part time casual job at college. It was a minimum wage fast food outlet...but hey we all got our first pay cheque... somewhere similar. About a month into her successful start she mentioned in relaxed conversation one of the shift managers at work; whom she said was cool, chilled and funny, while getting the job done...… Read more

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Nipple Twister


Fbailey story Nipple Twister When my little sister was about eleven years old she started having her periods. She had cramps, she had an upset tummy, and she ran fevers…every twenty-eight days…just like clockwork. She got to miss a lot of school because of it too. Then just after she turned thirteen she came into my bedroom and said, “Twist my nipples just as hard as you can. Mom said that you had too.” Well fuck that shit. I wasn’t about to fall for that. I just got off being grounded and I wasn’t about to go right back on. I ran down the stairs, found Mom in the kitchen… Read more

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wifey and her sister Peggy, part 2


We get home and the girls run inside leaving me to bring in the bags from shopping. Of course I have to find the G-string bikini Peggy tried on and give it a sniff. Sadly, she didnt have it on long enough,so no smell other than new bathing suit. I walk inside and drop the bags by the couch they are sitting on, reminding them of our deal. I wanted to see Peggy in string/ G string bikini again. With a huff the both walked off with the bag. Peggy came downstairs first modeling her new bathing suit, 1 of 3 I paid for. As she walked her titties jiggled. I could see her big nipples poking out the si… Read more

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A "Need" to be Filled


Closing my laptop I looked at the screen, half in frustration and half in planning. Another evening chatting on a b**stie site and the same old questions came up, "How did you start?" and "when are you going to do it again?" The first question was easy, it all started when I was 19. I decided I would try dog sex. At that time I only went as far as having my boyfriends German shepherd lick peanut butter off my pussy. Looking back now I regret not fucking that big beautiful b**st. The second question "would I do it again? Would I enjoy it?" Give myself to a dog? Stick my ass high in the air… Read more

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Mom's Little Angels

First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

Mom's Little Angels By billy69boy Chapter One My name is Madison. I'm a 40 year old single mom who has been raising my two young daughters by myself for several years. I try to do my best for them, and we have developed a pretty good relationship. They are growing up so fast, and I worry about the challenges they will face when they have to navigate that whole sexual world out there. I keep tabs on their development as best as I can, but it's hard keeping up with them sometimes. They both know their mom has a strong sex drive and enjoys watching porn videos late at… Read more

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Young CD gets more cock.

FetishGay Male

I saw Brett at school the next day. Even tough he was years older than me, we had breaks at the same time. At one point, we were outside and not to far from each other. When he looked over at me, I made sure no one else was looking and pulled the side of my jeans down just enough to let him see the top of my new black thong. I looked over at him and smiled, I could see lust in his eyes. It was very exciting. Brett motioned for me to follow him. He walked into one of the boys rest rooms and I followed in behind him. After he looked to make sure no one else was in there, he turned and stepped c… Read more

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my office mate screwed me up (part 2)

AnalGroup SexHardcore

Early morning Aralu called me, hey where are you baby? At home coz I was in a deep pain so needed to take care of myself, I replied. Ha ha ha I hope I didn’t heart you much, but little pain adds lots of fun ya? He asked. Ya you are right. I wrapped up conversation nicely, I was nervous whether Aralu is going to recognize me that I was the one who slept with him last night? Probably not as I was fully dressed with makeup & accessories and he was drunk. Just to give an impression to him that “keep it confidential even if you recognized me” I posted on my hookup profile “last night I had a tr… Read more

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Visit with Mom

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

I had just graduated high school and was heading off to college when the call came in. Dad had just been killed in a car accident. Of course Mom and I were both devastated. I told her I would hold off on college for a year to help her get through it, but she declined. "Oh, no Sweetie, you need to get a good education, Don't worry about me. I'll be fine." So off I went. I tried out for and made the football team as a wide receiver. Not first string, but I still got to play once in a while. I spent a lot of my free time in the gym, getting leaner and stronger. Time passed, I though… Read more

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His mother fantasy actually comes


It was early when I began indulging in our sexual fantasies about my mom. I had often spied on mom while she showered and dressed. I also stole her dirty panties from the hamper. This was the fuel for many of my jack-off sessions. One day, when I had just turned 18, she walked in on me while I was jacking off. I have always had a big cock, I think it was about 7 1/2 inches then; I'm about 9 inches now. I had a pair of her panties and was going to town when she walked in the door. I thought I was going to die, but I was so close to cumming that it just went off, and I came a lot, even then.… Read more

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My Sexual Fantasy


We are at the beach, in the moonlight. We are walking together and finally we start to kiss. I kiss your lips for a long time and then start to kiss your shapely neck. We start undressing and I continue to kiss every inch of your body. I lick your perfect boobs and nipples, getting a sigh of pleasure from you. At this point, I tell you to lie down on the sand. As I kiss your feet, legs and thighs, I take your panty off. I keep teasing you, kissing closer and closer to your pussy until you are begging me to lick it. I hear a moan of pleasure as I do just that. I start licking your clit with slo… Read more

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Son helps his grieving mother.

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

How to Celebrate Your Birthday Ch. 1 I was born on my Mother's 19th birthday. Not an amazing fact in itself, but one that would have interesting repercussions later in life. My early years were not unusual, and it wasn't until I was in my teens that I made an interesting discovery, well, two in fact. Firstly, I realised that my mother, called Ruth, was incredibly attractive (5'11" tall, with short reddish brown hair, a full set of tits and legs that went on, and on, and on.) Secondly, she and my Dad fucked like rabbits every night, and when she fucked, my Mum was loud and proud! Every ni… Read more

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