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Room Service (Interracial, Milf)

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Room Service The receptionist looked up and smiled as Anne’s heels clacked across the terracotta flooring of the quiet hotel lobby. “Good evening, Miss Oakley, hope you are well.” “Yes, thank you Georgina, I’m fine,” said the blonde, stooping to place her briefcase on the floor and then hitching the long strap of her overnight travel bag firmly into place on her left shoulder. Georgina, still smiling, swiped a room key card and offered it to the guest. “Room 504 as usual,” she said. “Everything is ready. You will want room service, I take it?” “Hmm, yes please. My usual chicken sandw… Read more

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Wifes trip to the beach.

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As I sit in the rain under a tarp exhausted all I can think about is the large black cock Pulsing thick loads of creamy cum deep into my wife’s pussy. I am exhausted but the thought of a dark shaft pulsing seed into her keeps me up. It all started a few weeks ago Jen and I where sitting down looking at our schedule and I realized I would be in a training for the military during her best friend’s birthday. Now I knew my wife’s friend was devious but I had no idea what was in store for me. During sex we had talked about including another man in our relationship but she had been reluctant I liked… Read more

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Adult store lottery

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Hello fellow readers :) Grab your cocks and let’s enjoy this story. Ladies, I hope this makes you as wet as it did me. “I’m not sure… I don’t want to suck a stranger’s cock through a gloryhole.” I said timidly as we cross the threshold of the Adult store. Sidney smiled, “we’re just grabbing a few toys.” The room was bright, there weren’t many people walking around the isles of different porn selections. A man peeked his head from the darkness of a hallway the words above the door read, ‘Video Arcade’ he smiled and I watch the darkness begin to swallow him as he steps back into his cubicle.… Read more

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My first Black Cock Experiences.

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I have served black men before I was serving this white biker a friend of my uncles and I went over to his apartment all dressed in my leather ready to be tied up and used sexually by him I walked in an there was a black man on the couch wearing all black biker type leather he stood up walked to me introduced himself and then the white biker whos apartment it was left us alone. He took me by my hand to the couch there was porno on the tv playing he sat down then instructed me to get on my knees between his leather chap covered legs. He has a leather pouch holding his big black cock buttoned on… Read more

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Victoria 2

HardcoreVoyeurInterracial Sex

Working at a law firm as a staff solicitor trying to make partner is hard work. Victoria has earned a reputation and has people coming to the firm asking for her services and this generates her billing hours and income. After working late one night on her way home she had been pulled in to an alleyway and fucked senseless by a big black man who sounded like Tony Joe White . She couldn't complain because even though she was scared she was so fucking aroused her juices flowed down her legs. Victoria is barely over 1.5 metres tall barely 48kg with a petite hour glass body , the big black guy was… Read more

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Misti's Adventures Part 16

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The time had passed fairly quickly over the last two weeks. The news Misti had referred to was that she planned to quit her job at the club so she could take care of Carol. She would arrive in time to talk to Sharon and have a cup of coffee before she left for work, usually arriving either carrying her clothes or wearing just a towel. Many mornings she would arrive in time to send Dave to work with a deep kiss, and a good look at her bare pussy. She had had only a few strands on her mons, but had rediscovered how nice it looked, and felt, completely shaved. Carol had gone to being shaved, too.… Read more

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White Wife Teases Younger Black Guy - Part 1

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This is a fictional story sent to my wife by a black guy in his early 20s that she is sexting with. There are many parts to this story and I will post them in order when I get the chance. He is teasing my wife with this story because he was a college basketball player and she is really a teacher. He knows we are posting it here. The names are made up. White Wife Teases Younger Black Guy - Part 1 Rebecca and Dan Coral are a young married couple. The both just turned thirty and had been together since meeting in college. The were both going to school to become teachers and had since both gott… Read more

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Asian wife cums thinking about another dick in her

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It's been a long time since I did not write a fuck report! Sorry guys for not keeping you up to date with Oxana's sex life, I think I have fucked the wifey about 3 times without writing about it. Most of the time it was simple pussy fuck with short dirty talk and I came in her asian pussy so not much to talk about. But yesterday was more special than usual as we had more time and Oxana really wanted to fuck since the night before. The wife said she was horny since 2 days and last night we were watching a good movie so she d… Read more

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Une escale pas banale

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Juliette et Gabriel venaient d'arriver à l'aéroport de Casablanca. Une très longue correspondance dont ils auraient bien pu se passer. Mais malheureusement, pas d'autres options. Les vols directs pour leur destination étaient complets…. Comble du désagrément, leur billets leur avait coûté plus cher! Mince consolation, lors de leur enregistrement à l'aéroport de départ, leur compagnie aérienne leur avait offert un accès VIP à leur salon. Un petit prélèvement de salive pour leur offrir un service plus personnalisé et ils n'avait qu'à présenter leur pass. Au moins cela leur donnerait accès à des… Read more

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The Massage (for Tigress_Tamer)

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So here's how we'd do it. You and the wife are on vacation alone and you talk her into an in-room massage. You call me and I show up a half an hour later. I set up the massage table, get the oils warmed up and she shyly strips in the bathroom, coming out in just a towel. She lays down on her tummy and I push the towel down so you can just see the top of her sexy ass as I start rubbing the oils into her neck and shoulders. I can feel her loosening up just a little as I work lower and lower into the small of her back. By the time I am working that little triangle of flesh at the top of her ass… Read more

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Ana takes her Chance at a bar

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That summer Anita and I were spending our holidays at a nice resort in the beach. On the third day I heard about a bar in town that stayed open all night long. It was the kind of place where people can chat and listen to the music at same time… My sweet Ana agreed to go there for some drinks. She told me she would wear a sexy black dress matching with a pair of stiletto heels and a red tiny thong. Ana said that outfit might make her look a bit slutty; but then I told her that the underwear and dress both looked classy and sexy… We entered the bar and we went back to one of the quiet… Read more

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The good assistance of a black mechanic

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That Tuesday everything had gone real bad for me. My loving husband was away for a full week; I had had a severe quarrel with my girlfriend Helena and my Boss had told me I was a useless bitch… To say it had been a perfect shit day, my car went dead in the middle of nowhere, just ten minutes after leaving the office. I called for a tow and sat down on a nearer coffee shop to wait. Two hours later a truck arrived and an old black man greeted me, and he started to check my car. The black man was not exactly good looking. He was a giant man, with a huge torso and heavy muscles. He was… Read more

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A very late night pick up

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My car had being behaving so bad with me that full week. During several days, I had been travelling to my office by bus. Friday night I was so tired after a long day at work. I just wanted to get home and take a warm shower before going to bed with Victor. I was travelling back home on the night bus, very late evening, when two handsome young black guys got on. Both were heavy muscled guys, athletic type, hard chest and very, very cute black men… I caught one of their eyes as they took their seats. One of them just stayed on for three stops before getting off. His mate stayed but moved se… Read more

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I head it through the grape vine....

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As Kirsty and Rob were both in their early 50´s, it seemed a nice plan to get out of the rat race and to take things a little more easily and lead a less complicated life. So they had bought a finca with a vineyard in rural Spain, on the foot of a mountain range near Valencia. It had a substantial plot of land with an active and healthy vineyard, so they generally hired some helpers to work the land. Recently they took on Dia and Kono, two African men from Zimbabwe. They had made it to Europe and were roaming rural areas in search of shelter, work and some money to live and send home. One day… Read more

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Sex, Discipline and Sodomy

AnalBDSMInterracial Sex

I have always been, above all, an exhibitionist. That’s why I didn’t have a problem with being in porn films/videos, it’s also why even my first little gang bang (at the age of thirteen) didn’t bother me one bit. If I thought even for one minute that I could get away with it here; I’d be filming some of these encounters that I post about or – better – do live feeds when I’m being fucked. Especially when it’s more than one guy! I’d love to do a video of something like the cops collecting the monthly bribes. Me, on my knees, giving some pretty sloppy blow jobs or on all fours on the… Read more

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The Teacher - Part 01 -Beginning-

TabooMatureInterracial Sex

Hi today i am going to tell you a story about me and my teacher, She was a small women but her tits were big comparing to her slim body. her skin was brown. eyes were black and also the hair. her tits size was dd i guess. her tits were round and perfect, her ass was round and perfect too. her age was between 25-35. One day i had to stay after school because i got in to a fight, it was around 5.30 pm, i was at school, the worse part is there was a train stick and there was no trains to go home,at that time i met the teacher and she asked me "arent you going home ?". i said "i want to but ther… Read more

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 13

Interracial Sex

Out of Afrika A fantasy created by International writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi ****** Chapter 13 The Church of The Black Staff sat on the edge of Hawksville. It had once served as a Baptist Church but with a continuing drop in attendance the church had fallen on hard times. When the elders were approached by Pastor Erasmus they eagerly accepted his most generous offer to sell the property. “It is the will of God,” the elders said as they mentally divided the profit. What the Pastor didn’t reveal to them during the course of negotiations was that he was actual… Read more

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Black Slut Academy

FetishInterracial Sex

Jean felt a little scared. It had been two years since she had started dating black men exclusively. Now her boyfriend had talked her to into taking it one step further. She was going to a school to learn about as he said "the culture." "This will complete you," Bill, her boyfriend, said. Jean's lover was a six-foot, four-inch black stud that Jean had been living with. She left her white wimp husband two years ago. What Jean especially did not miss was her ex's four-inch pecker. She blinked and put the wimp out of her mind. "I've got to focus on the next month," she thought to herself.… Read more

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Only 21 Once part 2

AnalFirst TimeInterracial Sex

From the last part ---- Now be a good girl and show us you can handle a blow job.” I put my hands behind my back and grab the shot glass with my mouth, Rob ties my hands together as I swallow the drink. I feel the sour taste of a not fully dissolved pill hit the back of my throat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Inside I begin to panic, I’m wasted and now I’ve consumed a date-**** d**g. This night is going to be the worst night of my life. My face contorted and I wanted to go and throw up to see if that woul… Read more

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Linda's First Black Cock

Interracial SexHardcoreVoyeur

I had been visiting Linda as much as possible over the past three weeks. She had been hinting that she would like for me to move in with her, but, so far, I hadn't. The present arrangement was good enough. I would come down after eating breakfast, and a bit of rest, and it would give her time to finish off her dates from the previous night, if she had one. Usually she did. A couple of the men I worked with had come over a few times with me. Dave, from Florida, had been visiting Linda's Aunt, Hung, almost as much as I had been visiting Linda. The other man, Shakey Cave, had met Mai, and had hi… Read more

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